Machinery and equipment sector can profit from digitisation

THE Covid-19 pandemic has made it clear that digital solutions are vital for enterprises to remain competitive, especially SMEs.

Our country’s machinery and equipment (M&E) sector is dominated by at least 85% locally-owned SMEs and the majority of them are comfortable with their traditional methods of business management, resulting in little contribution to today’s sector productivity.

This needs to be challenged as more developed nations are becoming increasingly competitive by adopting new technologies and business methods.

To boost productivity in the M&E sector, the M&E Productivity Nexus (MEPN), supported by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), was established and led by industry associations under the Machinery and Engineering Industries Federation (MEIF) to assist SMEs in operations-related productivity improvement.

However, reaching out to the SMEs of the M&E sector is a big challenge as they tend to keep away from digitisation, thinking that such investment is costly and it comes with complicated processes.

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The SRTF Delivers Ancillary Machinery for Agricultural Equipment to Nine Farmer Cooperatives in Ar-Raqqa – Syrian Arab Republic

Ar-Raqqa – Sunday, 13th December 2020 – The SRTF announced the delivery of agricultural equipment packages to nine farmer cooperatives in nine different communities, where each cooperative received one set of the agricultural packages which will enable them to produce a bountiful harvest in the spring under intervention “Agricultural Support to Farmers – Phase IV”.

The packages consisted of the following ancillary machinery and their spare parts: disc plows, cultivators, disc harrows, tractor mounted ridges, tractor trailed mechanical planters, tractor tailed seed drills, tractor mounted fertilizers and seed spreaders, tractor mounted boom sprayers, agricultural trailers, rotary mowers, belt conveyors, auger conveyors, baler machine for small square bales and baler twines.

With an estimated budget of EUR 8.37 million, this intervention targets 2,100 farmers, their families, and community workers and aims to revive the agriculture sector and improve overall food security in Ar-Raqqa.

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