Jeff Bezos’ NASA Lawsuit Is So Enormous It is Crashing the DOJ Computer system Method

“We have tried out numerous diverse strategies to develop 50-megabyte information for more successful filing, all with out results so far.”

7 Gigabyte Headache

As if NASA did not have ample problems on their arms, the agency’s computer systems hold crashing because the documents from Blue Origin’s lawsuit are as well huge — resulting in a even more hold off to SpaceX’s Human Landing Method (HLS) contract. 

The sizing of Blue Origin’s lawsuit (which clocks in at additional than seven gigabytes truly worth of PDFs) is resulting in the Section of Justice’s Adobe software package to crash, according to documents acquired by space reporter Joey Roulette. The issue stems from the fact that the Acrobat just cannot mix “several hundred documents at a person time without the need of crashing.”

“We have attempted numerous different approaches to produce 50-megabyte files for a lot more economical filing, all without the need of results hence far,” the doc reads. 

Keep of Effectiveness

To more rub salt in NASA’s wounds, the crash has resulted in a weeklong delay to the HLS agreement award to SpaceX simply because the company workers that could have preset the challenge have been at the 36th Yearly Area Symposium very last week.

“Travel to and from and participation in this vital conference has hindered the agency’s capability to gather and assessment paperwork in the possession of these men and women, and approach acceptable documents for inclusion in the administrative file,” the document go through. 

The first finish date of NASA’s stay of SpaceX’s contract was slated for November 1st. Now, it’s been pushed to November 8th. 

Bezos’ Revenge

It seems as however Jeff Bezos’ plot to get back at NASA for awarding SpaceX the HLS agreement again in April is likely off like the grand plan of a Bond villain. Early past week, NASA main Bill Nelson introduced that Blue Origin’s lawsuit would “further delay” the Artemis plan.

Meanwhile, SpaceX has to sit and wait around right up until their continue to be of effectiveness is by way of. As with all things NASA and DOJ associated, even though, there’s no telling when it could really stop. 

All in all, this is basically a parting shot from Bezos who most likely is familiar with he’s misplaced out on the agreement for very good to Blue Origin’s main rival. He just wishes to go down preventing whilst he can. 

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